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About Us

At Delta Medicare Benefits Group, we educate people new to Medicare, ensuring a smooth enrollment into the Medicare system; we shop and compare policies from multiple companies to find the highest quality and most affordable supplement on the market; and we remain an active partner with all our clients, continually reviewing plans and options each year.

Our company researches and compares Medicare plans to ensure our clients have options tailored to their needs and unique circumstances.

Our team contracts with all of the top Medicare Supplement carriers in the nation. This allows us the freedom to work strictly for our clients rather than a specific carrier, offering our clients access to the best options the market has to offer.

As experts in Medicare, we are often asked to lead seminars and provide advice through television and radio forums. We are always excited to educate, inform, and clear up misconceptions regarding enrollment and supplement plans. Our number one goal is a satisfied clientele, where each customer receives the highest level of benefits at the lowest possible price.